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Calista Luxury Resort

Antalya, Turkey
£849per person
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  • Calista Luxury Resort
  • Calista Luxury Resort
  • Calista Luxury Resort
  • Calista Luxury Resort
  • Calista Luxury Resort
  • Calista Luxury Resort
  • Calista Luxury Resort
  • Calista Luxury Resort

At a glance

  • Six A La Carte Restaurants
  • Four Outdoor Pools
  • Fitness Centre & Spa
  • On Site Aqua Park
This property is 6 minutes walk from the beach. The all-inclusive, 5-star Calista Luxury Resort has a private stretch of Mediterranean beach, a Surf and Sailing school, and luxury spa facilities. There are 10 golf courses within 4.3 miles.


Calista Luxury Resort has created the most unique hotel experience in the world, placing itself at the top of the list of luxury resorts, both in Turkey and in the world.

Calista Luxury Resort has emerged with a unparalleled conceptual design, from its unique architecture to its world-class service.

Calista Luxury Resort provides unequalled service to its guests that exceeds even the highest standards.

In addition to its 5-star status, Calista Luxury Resort brings new life to tourism, delivering all possible attractions of the Antalya Belek region, where quality and beauty stand at the forefront.

Room Types


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in our main restaurant, featuring both Turkish and world-wide cuisines. With our unique “Digyfoody” system integrated into our main restaurant, you will know exactly how many calories are in each dish as well as wether or not there are any products that might trigger any allergies our guests may have.


The Elegance Restaurant caters to our Guests staying in Presidential, King and Villas with breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving cuisines from around the world. Guests not staying in these room catagories can also take advantage of this restaurant by making reservations at our concierge for an additional fee . Please be aware that there is limited availability in this restaurant.


Far-East cuisine master Chief Haibo Shang ornaments your plates – and your nights – with his specially prepared exotic flavors.


You will be able to sample the many flavours of the Italian cuisine in Timo. Accompany your meal with Chianti or any of your favorite Italian wines. Our Italian cuisine rivals the best in the world, serving a wide array of beautifully prepared dishes from that side of the mediterrenean.


Here you will have the opportunity to experience matchless Turkish and Ottoman cuisine. The rich menu includes the most exceptional dishes of authentic Turkish and Ottoman dishes, served in a distinguished atmosphere.


Fresh fish and rich wines will enliven your conversation. This A’la Carte restaurant will certainly have the palets on your tongue dancing with joy with every mouthful. Excluded from the a’la carte menu itself, you may order Antalya’s freshest lobster which can be prepared when desired in various sauces and Jumbo shrimps are ready to be grilled on order as well as seabass, Calamary and other seafood already on the menu.

La Carne

This restaurant is a “must” for gourmet-lovers who adore the flavours of the South American cuisine. Starting the evening off with a “Caipirinha” appetizer, prepared with fresh peppermint leaves as it is done in South America, and continuing through to “Rodizio service” –you will enjoy an authentic Latin experience throughout the night.

The Garden

A place where you can enjoy Snacks and Salads in a peaceful environment without having to get away from the nice breeze coming from the sea.

Scoop Ice Cream Cafe

We offer you the unforgettable moments of summer holidays with our brand new Ice Cream Café concept. Our ice cream café, where we use only 1st class ice cream products, introduces you to brand new flavours.

Cafe Calista

This our original café where traditional Viennese pastries, muffins and cakes loved and appreciated by the world are served with rich coffee and tea types.


This bar in the lobby serves local and some imported beverages and offers live music accompaniment on specific days of the week.


This bar in the lobby serves local and some imported beverages and offers live music accompaniment on specific days of the week.


Drink your favourite beverages or cocktails whilst Our experienced Djs spin their tracks throughout the night in the Cool Disco.


Beverages served in this beautiful bar – located on the island in the middle of the pool – will help you stay cool during the hot summer days. The bar on this calm Calista Island is an oasis for guests looking for a soothing ambiance. Blue serves a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, including “frozen” cocktails prepared with shaved ice.


The Deep bar is open throughout the summer to accompany both the amphitheatre and the party area where artists fly in from all over the world to play for our exclusive guests. From Pina Coladas to Cuba Librés, whatever your favourite, our barstaff will prepare it and send it to your table whilst your dancing away with your partner.

The Jazz

The Jazz provides you with an energetic atmosphere, including live music and dancing, while you enjoy your favorite drinks.


Enjoy the pleasure of a drink in the bar on the pier, surrounded by the endless blue and sunset over the glistening Mediterranean with its mild breeze.

The Beach Snack

The Beach Snack bar serves all of your favourite beverages between 09:00 – 18:00 7 days a week and between 16:00 – 18:00 light snacks are available if you missed lunch from having too much fun during the day or sleeping off the previous nights party!

Calista Luxury Resort

Antalya, Turkey
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